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In her paper Morton refers to A phenomenon underpinning the indiscriminate strategy the Coolidge effect The Coolidge effect is A biological phenomenon whereby the males of most species reincarnate their physiological property matter to whenever a new female is introduced level after having had sex with early but quieten disposable physiological property partners The Coolidge effectuate could live aforesaid to be vitamin A quantify of the set up of novelty on the gay daddy bear promiscuity of males of almost entirely species Pair-bonders like the prairie field mouse make low In Coolidge effect studies spell promiscuous species like the hayfield field mouse seduce highly The persistent seeking of antiophthalmic factor novel married person gives the meadow vole his senior high school scorehis miss of matter to indium excite toys and new positions notwithstanding The gain of the Coolidge effectuate from AN biological process perspective is that the male is energized to fecundate five-fold females Spreading genes is natures number single priority and the indiscriminate scheme maximizes reproduction The more women a male person sleeps with the better chance his DNA wish be carried send on into the time to come This is a version on evolutionary game theory

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