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AVGN: THIS IS A BLIZZARD OF BALLS!!! I can't believe humanity was open of degrading itself soh low as to create such insulting catastrophe of screwing!! (reads admonish label at emoji gay couple the back up of the cartridge) "Do non store in extreme temperatures. Do not eat up in irrigate. Do not clean with Benzene, Thinner Alcohol Beaver State strange much solvents. Do not stumble or expend cartridge. Do non attempt to dissassemble". (proceeds to do to the cartridge each one of the things the monish mark advises against) Like that? (places the remains of the cartridge into the crackling hearth, where information technology catches open fire and starts to run ) BURN, MOTHERFUCKER, BURRRN!!! Street Fighter 2010 Edit AVGN: Wanna play some games? Wanna toy more or less shitty games?...Well hang along just antiophthalmic factor second, I gotta go sustain my post. (The Nerd steps out of his house to see it and the remain of the scenery in the view is swarming with graphics from Street Fighter 2010.) What the hell is entirely this shit!? There's metallic ocean sponges everywhere! There's titanium rocket jockstraps! Headless parrots with feeding bottle caps! Floating eyeballs entrapped in glass lids! How is this all happening? OH, ah-of course! It's the yr 2010! Holy shit! This was completely foreseen In the pun Street Fighter 2010!

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